Quality underlay for carpet in Romford

When fitting a new carpet, be sure to select a quality underlay. Underlay for carpet gives you the extra soft luxurious feel that can’t be replicated or underestimated. At North Street Carpets, we specialise in providing a range of premium underlay for domestic and commercial floors across Romford and Essex. Our expert carpet fitters help you select and install the best underlay for your needs.

Our carpet fitters’ chosen underlay

Our range of underlays include:
Sound absorption
Thermal insulation
Environmentally friendly
Fitter friendly
Thickness - 8mm
Thermal insulation - 2.4 tog
Impact sound insulation - 31 dB

Sound absorption
Thermal insulation
Environmentally friendly
Fitter friendly
Luxury use
Thickness - 10mm
Thermal insulation - 3 tog
Impact sound insulation - 44 dB

Enhance look and feel

Our quality underlay for carpet provides a cushioning that makes carpets more comfortable and luxurious. Our range of PU and rubber underlays contain air pockets in order to increase spring and comfort. Underlay is essential to keeping your carpets in better condition for longer, helping to prevent carpets from flattening. Your carpets look new and plush for even longer.

Lasting longer

Acting as a shock absorber, underlay help you carpets last much longer. Quality underlay can even extend the lifetime of your carpet by 30-50%, improving the value of your investment and minimising the frequency of maintenance and replacements.

Reducing energy costs and noise

Underlay acts an extra insulator in your home, reducing your energy costs and saving you up to 15% off your bills in winter. As an extra insulator, carpets with an underlay are up to 250% quieter than those without.
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